Your intelligent telephone answering solution

Increase your customers' satisfaction with Contact Experience

The solution allows you to address all customer experience issues through complementary and independent solutions.

Contact Experience professionalizes your customer service and allows you to stop losing calls by managing them intelligently, to boost your business by increasing customer loyalty and to improve your brand image.

With Contact Experience Sewan is the only European player to have developed its own customer interaction management solution, thus enabling a unique and global operator positioning on the entire value chain.

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Your benefits

Deploy without constraint

Provision your cloud solution from A to Z in a few minutes with the interoperability of our solution, in complete autonomy. We provide you with privileged and recurrent contacts who know you and accompany you throughout the life of your project.

Be flexible

Adapt to all situations of telecommuting, crisis, last minute changes, peak calls and limit the business impact with a 100% web solution. By being autonomous, your team is reactive and skillfully directs the calls received in a few clicks.

Manage your team

Adjust human resources according to flows while controlling the quality of services, build a call analysis grid for your reporting and facilitate the management of your daily briefing.

Maximize the customer experience

Understand the context, personalize the call journey to better handle it and provide your customer with a unique experience. Handle 100% of incoming calls to answer all requests.

Boost your telephony solution

Meet all your inbound and outbound telephony needs with the combination of Contact Experience with the telephony of Sewan (Hosted telephony, telephony Teams, mobile telephony).

Data sheet

#️⃣ Virtualized Numbers

🔀 Intelligent and advanced call routing(IVR)

💻 CRM and Information System Interaction

🧍♂️ Queue and Competency Management (ACD)

🔌 Service Automation

👤 Agent interface

📧 Mailing campaign SMS

📊 Call statistics